The Amazing History of the Thinkpad – PART ONE

There are two things I find of great interest in the laptop world: (1) the large number of companies that claim “we were first!” with technologies they were far from first with and (2)¬†unbeknownst¬†to the myraid of consumers out there, there is only one line of laptops that regularly has managed to claim a large number of “firsts” and innovations that really mattered – and that’s the line that oddly rarely makes such claims. That laptop line is of course (as is known to those who are tech savvy) is the Thinkpad line. Read more

My Favorite Iron Maiden Songs (of the moment)

Here is a list of my top eleven favorite Iron Maiden songs at this particular moment. The list changes from day to day, or sometimes from moment to moment. Read more

Fight AGAINST the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger!!

Here’s a letter I wrote to one of New York State’s Senators, Kirsten Gillibrand:

Dear Senator, if it comes down to it, please vote AGAINST the ATT/T-Mobile offer. AT&T has been doing a great job of misrepresenting reality by improper use of the facts, and I know you are smart enough to see through it. Read more

T-Mobile G2 and Gingerbread! (How to Manually Update)

Quick Guide on How to Update your T-Mobile G2 to Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread)


  • To use this method, you MUST be running STOCK Android 2.2
  • This will NOT work for the Desire Z or HTC Vision
  • This is SOLELY for unrooted T-Mobile G2 with Google by HTC
  • Do NOT try this if you do not know what you are doing or have any qualms about doing this
  • While it is unlikely, there IS the chance you will lose your settings, data, apps, etc – do this at your own risk!


Why Some People Hate Iron Maiden – But Shouldn’t…

Eddie in Ancient Egypt

Eddie in Ancient Egypt

So… many of the people I’ve encountered that don’t like Iron Maiden simply haven’t given them the due time needed to come to that conclusion. There are many factors required to gain an appreciation of this highly underrated band (yes, they are highly underrated, even in comparison to the numerous claims of their greatness).

Here’s a short list of what’s required to gain Read more

Best Android Weather Widget (and more!): Beautiful Widgets

Hey all,

After a lot of searching Google, I found an interesting app set called Beautiful Widgets that seems to do all I want in a Weather App/Widget – and more! Besides wanting a functional weather widget that looked at least decent, I also wanted something that ran decently on my venerable T-Mobile G1. Beautiful Widgets does all of that and a decent amount more!

While it is a “pay” app, it definitely seems worth the price (approx $1.85US at current conversion rates). Though it is from a non-US company, and makes no indication of functioning in the US, it does so just fine ( by city, state, zip, GPS location, or cell location).

Read more

Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier Review (10/10)

Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier

Some things get better with age, like fine wine – but heavy metal bands generally do not fall into that category.

How many bands from the 1970′s do you know of that still have a big enough following to sell out virtually every concert for the last TEN years? How many bands from the 1970′s are releasing TOP TEN albums this late into their career? The only answer that comes to mind is Iron Maiden!

This August, Iron Maiden released “The Final Frontier” – their 15th studio album, and in two weeks, it’s hit #1 in 23 countries worldwide, and the top 5 in almost ten more! Of course, that begs the question, “Does it really deserve these numbers?”

Read more

Mole Richardson Lights RULE!

So, as most of you know who are reading this, I am the Gaffer for Retro Film Studios… (Star Trek Phase 2 and Buck Rogers Begins). When we were shooting Buck Rogers Begins, we had an indoor scene that took place on a sunny day. Sadly, mother nature or Thor or whomever didn’t see fit to make the needed weather coincide with the shoot date.

Read more

TheNerdSupport is a Scareware SCAM!!!

Hello all,

For those who havent been following them, or reading the tech news, TheNerdSupport (.com) is a SCAREWARE SCAM!!! Do not subscribe to their service. If you have, uninstall their spyware/remote control app, install REAL Anti-Virus software (AVG, McAfee, Norton) and Read more

Buck Rogers Begins!!! Funding via KickStarter has Begun!

We are currently in the process of completing our “Buck Rogers Begins” pilot episode and have started fund raising for it! Please, check out the link below and help us spread the word!!! For those of you who have checked out “Star Trek Phase 2″ we are the same team behind both efforts, quality episodes, quality stories…, quality productions. Help us make this new series a reality!!!!

Visit the KickStarer Project Page here:

Don’t forget to spread the word to everyone you know!!!

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